What else but get more sales. It is an amazing feeling to get that first check. You are truly walking on air, all is right with the world. I can go on and on but it’s time to get back to business. It’s time to get to the next sale and the next. The only way to do that, I am learning, is to create habits of consistency that will bring me deal after deal. Now I understand why most of us won’t be in business for ourselves. It is actually harder to be in business for yourself than it is to work for someone else. All you have to do when you work a j-o-b is show up. Everything is done for you. You already know what you have to do. You don’t have to go out and drum up business (aka marketing), getting orders, setting up  payroll, etc. All you have to do is show up and a week or two later you’re getting a paycheck.

Now I have to put together a system of lead generation to consistently be talking to my ideal clients who want to work with me (much more enjoyable). This can actually be kinda boring I must admit but it is worth it to me.

If it’s worth it to you then I just told you what you have to do.

Now go make that First Sale!

Your Energy May Always Yield Action!


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