Real Estate Newbies, I got MY First Check, NOW WHAT?

400_F_49089223_jZfoWp7YJ7HfVUpmOiLa0UEXGcRAYzM7A Second, Third, Etc. Etc. Etc. That’s what’s next. I am on fire in my belly right now. I want that next check so badly. It boosts confidence, money attracts money and all of those things come into play. I went to a real estate seminar this past weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Three days of intense real estate information. Have you heard of Armando Montelongo of A&E’s Flip This House? Well, I went to his seminar. He wasn’t there but his team was in place teaching us some good info I must say. Now comes the I-M-P-L-E-M-E-N-T-A-T-I-O-N time. The thing that separates the men from the boys, women from the girls, and all of that. Do I think I can implement? Not completely. Am I gonna do my best? Absolutely you better believe it because that’s how you learn. It’s just like when a baby begins to walk. They don’t know what’s gonna happen before they put their foot out there but they’re going anyway because they want that prize – the bottle, getting to mommy or daddy or grandmom’s arms for that big hug and kiss. Well, I want the same thing but it comes in the form of confidence, experience and a check.

Well, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want that too? I want that for you. Don’t keep waiting. I waited too long and I don’t want that to happen to you.

Your Energy May Always Yield Action


Real Estate Newbies……WHAT’s THE PLAN?

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Have you made that first sale? Still have some fear? I am going to tell you that the only thing that will defeat that fear is taking a step toward what you want. I promise you, you will be so glad that you did. You will be so glad that you have that behind you now and all you will want to do is take that next step into your greatness. I PROMISE YOU.

How do I know? Because that’s where I am right now. I can’t wait to do my next deal. I am making more calls. I am talking to more people. It is almost like magic. Since I broke through the fear I am Unstoppable. At least that’s how I feel right now at this moment. Nobody waited longer than I did. If I can do it you can too. I used to read other people’s articles who used those same words and I thought they were just saying that to sell more of whatever they might have been selling but I tell you I’m not selling anything and it is the truth. I can’t do it any justice by writing about it only to the extent that I am sharing my experience via the written word. Now you have to take that leap of faith and find out for yourself.

WHAT’s THE PLAN? Step out on Faith and start writing about it. I’d love to read it.

Your Energy May Always Yield ACTION!




What else but get more sales. It is an amazing feeling to get that first check. You are truly walking on air, all is right with the world. I can go on and on but it’s time to get back to business. It’s time to get to the next sale and the next. The only way to do that, I am learning, is to create habits of consistency that will bring me deal after deal. Now I understand why most of us won’t be in business for ourselves. It is actually harder to be in business for yourself than it is to work for someone else. All you have to do when you work a j-o-b is show up. Everything is done for you. You already know what you have to do. You don’t have to go out and drum up business (aka marketing), getting orders, setting up  payroll, etc. All you have to do is show up and a week or two later you’re getting a paycheck.

Now I have to put together a system of lead generation to consistently be talking to my ideal clients who want to work with me (much more enjoyable). This can actually be kinda boring I must admit but it is worth it to me.

If it’s worth it to you then I just told you what you have to do.

Now go make that First Sale!

Your Energy May Always Yield Action!

Real Estate Newbies, It is OFFICIAL!

400_F_49089223_jZfoWp7YJ7HfVUpmOiLa0UEXGcRAYzM7Yep, that’s right I completed my first sale. ME. Yes Me. Wohoo! How long have I been trying to do that first deal? A long time. I completed the sale successfully. Got the thing done. COMPLETED!

It was a great closing. The Seller was a great individual. The Selling Agent was humorous. My Client was singing. We were laughing. We took pictures. We had a ball. It was such a fantastic feeling. I should have taken a picture with my camera, but I am sure my client will share.

Anyway, I did it. I am on cloud nine. And now I can’t wait to do my NEXT DEAL. I can’t wait to get back out there. It felt so good for me to see my client reach his goal of his first home. Helping him helped me. Now I KNOW as I continue to help my clients get what they want I will get what I want. It is a wonderful feeling……


I want that for you too. You can do it. If I did it, you can too. Just take that first step and I know you don’t believe me but the Universe will open doors that you see as closed now, people will show up to assist. It is Awesome but you won’t know unless and until you take that first step.

Here’s to your First Step! Go!

Real Estate Newbies Are You Doing Deals Yet Part Deux!

Hi, just thought I’d check in and let you know what’s going on with my deal. Whew! It’s been a week of stuff. First the title company couldn’t find the deposit check. Come to find out they had the check with the first offer that we put in and wasn’t accepted. Then I had to write a email saying that we didn’t sign an agreement on the first deal and get the deposit check cashed. My buyer’s lender wanted more info about some financial info. You get the drift – DRAMA. However, we finally got the commitment and are getting steps closer to closing.

I tell you this stuff is challenging. I’ve been told every deal is different and I guess I will find out but it has been very eye opening and such a great learning experience for both me and my client. We both know what NOT TO DO NEXT Time!

Well, that’s it for now. I will keep you posted on what happens next.

Are you doing any deals? Why not? I know you have some fear but I promise you if you take the first step, the Universe will assist you. The Universe is waiting for you. You don’t believe in Universe, that’s fine whatever you choose to call it. G-d, or some other name just have Faith in whatever you believe and know that when you take that first step on Faith good things will happen. I waited a long time because of fear – False Evidence Appearing Real – Don’t give fear any more power over your dreams. Step out on Faith. You can do It. I believe in You.

Your Energy May Always Yield Action

Until Next Time,


Hey Real Estate Newbies Are You Doing Any Deals Yet?

I hope so. I am still working with my buyer and let me tell you it is not easy but I am having a blast. The first contract we submitted was countered and the sellers only wanted to give a $1k concession which was unacceptable so we had to walk away. But we found another great home nearby that my buyer was so excited about. We immediately put in an offer and it was accepted. And get this. We beat out two count them two CASH buyers. How Awesome is that? In this particular case it was an estate sale and the Executor who I believe to be a nephew, wanted someone who wanted to LIVE IN the home because his uncle loved it so much and it showed in the care and maintenance of the home. Because of that we were able to get our offer accepted. So cash DOESN’T ALWAYS win! But we have been getting ready for closing and I will keep you posted.

Come on. Let’s get some deals going.

I know it took me a LONG TIME to get here but I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere. So let’s keep it moving. You can do it.

Go get a deal!

Until next post,

Your Energy May Always Yield Answers!

Real Estate Newbies, I am doing It. I am working on my FIRST DEAL!

Actually, I have written my SECOND contract because the first one for the first house that my buyer found was rejected by the Sellers because they didn’t want to give a $5000 concession to my buyer even though they were going to get most of their asking price. But like I told my Buyer, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. And the reason was as nice as that house was it wasn’t the house for him.

In fact, we found his house and I have written my second contract and IT WAS ACCEPTED BY THE SELLER except for a few minor details.
WOHOO! I am on top of the world. I am so GRATEFUL. I WILL TELL YOU though. This was not easy. Now it could be that this was my first deal and everything is all over the place and I don’t have that SYSTEM in place YET that everyone is talking about that you set it and forget it. I’ll let you know when that day comes. BUT right now, this is HARD. I am not saying I don’t enjoy the challenge because I most certainly do but it is an emotional rollercoaster that you have to learn how to move through in order to protect yourself and your clients.

WHEW! Well, I’m gonna jump off now and get ready for tomorrow to tighten up the loose ends of the contract and get my buyer ready to move into their new home!

I hope you are moving toward your first deal. I hope my words have inspired you somehow and helped you move past any fear you may have. I know it is not easy but you can do it.



I Believe in you.

Be Positive. Be Grateful. Be Abundant.