There Is Light At the End of the Tunnel

2644625-empowerment-road-sign-isolated-on-white-contains-clipping-pathYes it is. Real Estate Newbies I am still a little frustrated but I am renewed. Why? Simply because I say so. I am not about to let a few setbacks set me up for a fail. No way. People will show you who they are in this business and in life in general all of the time. It is up to you to filter and meet people where they are and leave them if necessary without taking it personal. If you take it personal it will shut you down.

I was working with a contractor who I thought we would do some good business together but he showed me his true colors. When we first met, he said he had paperwork that I could do for him and we would sit down and talk about it and I’m thinking great I would love to create some extra revenue whether I am selling a home or not because more than one revenue stream is always advisable. Ok. Great. Well, that never happens. Ok. I don’t get bent out of shape just observing. Then we had the deal with the guy who doesn’t like to deal with women. Ok. That’s not his fault. Then he asks me to get him some information on some land he wants to purchase to build since he is a contractor and I get him that info and never hear from him and my calls and texts go unanswered. WOW. People will show you who they are just give them the opportunity. Lesson learned. Moving forward. Don’t take it personal.

I will find a contractor that we can have a truly respectful and beneficial relationship helping each other get where we want to go.

There is light at the end of the tunnel because I put it there!

Your Energy May Yield Action


Real Estate Newbies here’s the 411 on my Progress

Remember in a pevious post I told I found a contractor to create a deal. Well, here is what happened.

I found a property that I thought would fit his criteria and he agreed so we went to look at the property the week of Hurricane Sandy. He wanted to look at the property after the storm so we waited. He looked at the property two more times and the last time included another investor who had more cash than him. So we looked at it again and they’re ready to buy. Wohoo. Great!
I have a deal. I am going to get a check. Not a big one but a check. Well, not so. My clients took too long to pull the trigger and lost the deal. Dang!

Well there you have it. I lost this deal because my clients took too long to pull the trigger. It happens. I have to admit I was upset but it goes with the territory. Now what?

Keep it moving to the next deal.

Remember ABCDE~~ Always Be Creating Deals Every Day~~

To your Success,