December is here and now is the time to get ready for 2013!

Wow, it’s been a helluva year. We’ve had some good things as well as bad. If you’re pleased President Obama was re-elected, that was a good.If your vote was for Mitt Romney, you might consider that a bad thing along with all of the other things that have undoubtedly taken place in your personal life — emotional ups and downs, etc.

Whatever happened you still have control over your life no matter who the President is if you choose to look at it like that.

Hurricane Sandy devastated areas across the country. Some places were just about blown off the map and others were not touched at all. This is how life is.

So now we speak about your real estate investing business. Where are you? Me? I am investing in myself. I have had a few deals that I lost. One I lost specifically because of Hurricane Sandy. The investors I found pulled out. So now that the hurricane has passed, I am still looking for buyers to close this particular deal. I am not giving up. I hope you don’t either. Like I said above, I am investing in myself with who I believe will be  a great coach for me to help me find my ideal clients and get my marketing plan together so I can work smarter and not harder. This will make it easier for me to reach my goals. I don’t know about you but I need guidance doing something I have never done before which is the desire to build my own successful business. I don’t know about you but I need help with that since I have been an employee all of my life. I don’t know how to be a business owner and all of the responsibilities that entails so I went to someone who can guide me. This is always money well spent.

Remember, the best investment you can make is in Yourself. December is the time to make that decision so you can hit the ground running in January 2013 and speed up your success.


Here are a few to check out:

I have gotten a little something from all of these wonderful coaches, mentors, entrepreneurs who want to help you get where you want to go.

Make the decision.The choice is Yours!

2013 is Our Year. Let’s make it Happen.

Do not Fear – Just Believe!





Real Estate Newbies, Are You Stretching Yourself? Are You Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone?

You must. I realize that now more than ever. Because if you don’t, you will never know how it feels. It feels wonderful. It feels scary as hell. Even petrifying. But if you don’t do it, you will stay forever paralyzed by fear. My good friend, Master Nigel Henry, taught me that of The more I step out and trust me I’m stepping out in baby steps; the more I realize that people are looking for a leader. That leader can be you. If you so choose. I am learning more and more that we make a choice. And if we don’t choose then by default we have chosen.

Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Shore has a great broker, William “Bill” Wagner. All agents who are connected with Keller Williams have the opportunity to take a BOLD class. BOLD is an intensive 8 week course that will allow you to move past your challenges and step out and Live Your BOLD life. That’s paraphrasing but you get my meaning. To be your best self you must be BOLD. Being BOLD is: To do that which you are currently UNcomfortable doing. I would add doing that repeatedly until you are no long uncomfortable and then move to your next level of UNcomfortable activity.  I’m realizing a lot of us won’t take that step. Why? Because it’s easier not to. I was listening to put together by Suzanne Evans who I came across by way of David Neagle ( She said on her CD that it’s easier to fail. It’s easier to go to work and just have a job and not worry about anything. Now don’t get me wrong. If you are content with your job and you make good money and you are fulfilled and happy then you have found a great place for you. However, I never was. I was always looking for something more. I was never satisfied. I always wanted to be my own boss and call the shots. Then I started getting laid off from job after job through no fault of my own — companies closed, outsourced, etc. One way or another I was getting separated from the jobs that I sought. I was not looking to get let go at the time that I was but that’s what happened. There are those who might say that subconsciously that is what I was doing to myself and maybe they are right. But I knew I wanted something more. I’m now on that journey and it’s scary as hell but I’m not giving up until I get where I want to go. How about you? What are you doing to stretch yourself? Only you can. I know that now and I’m forever moving in that direction. Hope to see you there.

Be Joyous Be Grateful Be Abundant

Have a P3 Day- Purposeful Productive Profitable.

Real Estate Newbies Are You Challenging Yourself?

I am. I am a part of Andrew Morrison’s 16 week Challenge. My goal is to get my first listing, sell my first house and get my first check on closing the deal. If you have a goal you want to achieve in 16 weeks, we’re only on week #2 – check it out at

I just recently made the decision to go back to my 3-day a week schedule on my job because I was getting up at 5 am every morning and y’all I’m not making any real money like I’m used to when I was working full-time. So I said ok I’ll give p the extra $400 to raise my possibility of making $4000. That’s 10x what I’m making right now. Is it worth it? Since I was just on a live seminar with Suzanne Evans and David Neagle, she would say that’s a Hell Yeah”.

So come this Wednesday I will be stepping into the Keller Williams Realty real estate office learning the skills to build a business and I’m gonna have to tell you guys I’m scared as hell but I’m moving forward and I’m not going to let my fear stop me anymore. I’m gonna make mistakes and learn from them and get frustrated and pissed off but I’m gonna do it.

I’ll keep you posted as to my progress.

Until next time,

Live Long & Prosper

Real Estate Newbies are You Doing Your Business Backwards?

I know I was. Well, actually let’s get one thing straight. I didn’t have a business. I thought I did because I had registered my LLC and had business cards, etc. but the question I didn’t ask myself or the one thing that I wasn’t doing was actually making any sales. I had no clients, I had no sales so I had no business. There, I said it outloud. Now, that I’m over the shock of the truth of that I can say to you if you have done the same thing — registered your LLC, got your business cards but haven’t given any out, haven’t made any contacts or actually spoken to anyone about your business and most importantly, HAVE NOT made a SALE then you don’t have a Business.

Now that you understand what it is that you have done backwards, move in the right direction and get your first customers and make some sales.

I  was on a great 4 hour live seminar today with David Neagle and Suzanne Evans of More to Life. They have toured some parts of the country and stopped in NYC today but I chose not to travel and instead stayed at home and watched the live stream and took great notes. When Suzanne said that I didn’t have a business and mentioned the registering of the llc and business cards, etc. I knew exactly who she was talking to – me and people like me. We’re going out backwards. Get the business clients first, make some sales and then do all of that other stuff.

Now, in the words of the king of copy, Craig Garber,

Go Sell Something!  OR

in the words of David and Suzanne – Share Something that will solve the problem of your clients and customers.