Real Estate Newbies, How Are You Feeling Right About Now?

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Honestly, now I am feeling a few things—frustrated, pissed off but mostly frustrated because I am realizing that in business it is difficult to do your business if you have to feel like you are arm wrestling with your potential clients at every turn. I feel that way and it’s really pissing me off. What am I doing wrong? Good question. I don’t know yet but I will find out. My intention is to connect with potential clients that want to work with me. I know I’m a nice person, pleasant, nice personality and all that but I’m really having a challenge here trying to figure this out. I don’t want to fight with any of my clients or potential clients. I just want to work with those who want to work with me. I don’t think that’s too much to ask but I guess we have to do some type of psychological dance and see who wins? Ugh! I don’t really want to do that but I guess that’s what everyone else does so do I have to do it too?

I don’t want to so I’m going to be on a mission to find a better way.

What about you? How are you feeling about what I wrote? Please let me know your feedback.

To Your Success,


Real Estate Newbies UPDATE

400_F_49089223_jZfoWp7YJ7HfVUpmOiLa0UEXGcRAYzM7Well, I’ve been busy. Unfortunately the deals that I was working on all fell through but I got some good news today about one deal I was working on but I won’t get that check until closing which is months away because they haven’t even broken ground yet on this particular project but it is still good news.

I am the Master of my Life. This is the lesson I am learning. I walked away from my substitute teacher gig because I didn’t really want to do it anymore and I wanted to do what I wanted to do which is grow a successful real estate business with consistent business and cash flow. I am working on that. It is a challenge but it is doable. If it is to be then it is up to me. I don’t give up and I don’t like to fail. I have failed but I am learning from my mistakes and that is the way it should be. It’s not easy but it is doable.

What are you doing? I know it’s not easy but it is doable. Come on, get it done and completed. You will feel Great. I promise You.

To Your Success,

Real Estate Newbies, It is OFFICIAL!

400_F_49089223_jZfoWp7YJ7HfVUpmOiLa0UEXGcRAYzM7Yep, that’s right I completed my first sale. ME. Yes Me. Wohoo! How long have I been trying to do that first deal? A long time. I completed the sale successfully. Got the thing done. COMPLETED!

It was a great closing. The Seller was a great individual. The Selling Agent was humorous. My Client was singing. We were laughing. We took pictures. We had a ball. It was such a fantastic feeling. I should have taken a picture with my camera, but I am sure my client will share.

Anyway, I did it. I am on cloud nine. And now I can’t wait to do my NEXT DEAL. I can’t wait to get back out there. It felt so good for me to see my client reach his goal of his first home. Helping him helped me. Now I KNOW as I continue to help my clients get what they want I will get what I want. It is a wonderful feeling……


I want that for you too. You can do it. If I did it, you can too. Just take that first step and I know you don’t believe me but the Universe will open doors that you see as closed now, people will show up to assist. It is Awesome but you won’t know unless and until you take that first step.

Here’s to your First Step! Go!

Real Estate Newbies Have You Made Your First Deal Yet or IS F-E-A-R Holding you Back and IS It Pissing You OFF?

I must admit I have not done my first deal yet and it’s pissing me off. Why haven’t I done a deal yet? My first deal at that? I was thinking about that the other day and it really made me angry at myself for letting so much time pass and STILL haven’t gotten a deal done yet. Well, to put it in plain English I’m Scared. There is something that is holding me back and I can feel it inside. I can’t yet identify it but I know that it’s┬áme and nobody but me.

The saying goes “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself” and that may very well be true but for me I can feel it from the inside out and it just stops me I mean it knocks me out. It wells up in me and it stops me cold and I retreat. That’s why I’ve been paying for coaching monthly but since I don’t have my computer, I have not been able to access on a daily basis; actually since I signed up for my coaching so it has been very difficult for me to get over that hump of fear. I don’t know about you guys but I need help and I’m no longer afraid to ask for the help that I need. I also don’t feel bad about needing the help either because I want to reach a level that I have never reached before and I need the expertise of those who have done it already in order to achieve my goals.

I’m scared as hell but I’m going to keep moving in that direction until I get there and I hope you will do the same.

Be Grateful Be Joyful Be Abundant

The Year is at an end and what have you Accomplished?

Wow! It looks like another year will be gone in a few days. The question is What Have You Accomplished? I know most of us want to kick ourselves because we didn’t get the big check yet or we don’t have that first sale yet or we didn’t do something else that would otherwise look like success. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is OK. Why? Because you’re still here wanting to accomplish those things and you have not given up. Staying in the Process and not giving up is one of the hardest things to do especially if you are like myself — on this journey mostly alone. Yes, your family and friends wish you well but they are probably secretly wishing you would just let this “thing” go and stop wasting your time or if you’re not working a job they wish you would go and get a “real job” and stop wasting your time because you’re never going to {fill in the blank}. Well, that’s their problem. If they don’t believe in you it’s because they don’t believe in themselves and you cannot let other people’s lack of success become your own. So love them and let them think and believe whatever they choose to because you and me are here for the long haul. We are NOT giving up until we get the big check or make the first sale or accomplish whatever it is we set out to do because we are not quitters – we are WINNERS! and winners NEVER quit. We may get pissed off and frustrated and throw stuff or even shed some tears but that’s ok – we will get there. One Day at a time.

It’s not easy learning how to build a business. That’s why you need a mentor.

I know I need a mentor because it is very difficult attempting to reach the level of success that I want to reach by myself. How am I going to get there if I don’t know what the hell I’m doing? I need the assistance of someone who has achieved and is achieving what I want. I found some fabulous people that I am going to work with in 2012. Here’s my list:

Kadena Tate of I’ve worked with her previously and I love her.

Viki Irvin of She is the brand for Superwoman LifeStyle and a genius.

Grant Leboff Author of Sales Therapy. This is the first book on sales that I ever read that helped me to believe that I could sell the way I felt more comfortable, so I want to work with Grant one-on-one. How?

I am working a job and for the first time in my life I am going into the new year with clarity and a sense of purpose that I will make the best invest there is to make – an INVESTMENT IN MYSELF – by paying each of these fabulous individuals for their expertise in helping me become who I want to be – a successful business owner with clarity, purpose, vision and passion. These individuals are all going to help me get there and I can’t wait to continue on my journey in 2012. I hope you join me and share your comments, feedback and stories – they are all welcome and I wish you and your family Abundance, Prosperity Happiness, Love, Good Health and A Lot of Laughter going into 2012.

Peace & Bliss From My Family To Yours,

Coaching Progress Report #4: The Aftermath

Well, here we are at the end of that coaching call. However, not the end of my coaching; Remember, my coaching will never end. I will continue to get a coach and keep a coach as I grow in my skills and abilities. What have I learned? That no matter what at the end of the day your success depends on Y-O-U. The only person responsible for my success is Yourself. So over the weekend I have been working on me non-stop. Reading and writing to get to the core of what is going on with me. I’ve come up with a sheet of paper that I wrote that I say every morning to get in the habit of taking care of my business. One thing is for sure – If You want your business to pay you like a business you have to treat it like a business.

So I will continue to get coaching and more importantly continue to work on myself and take 100% responsibility for my success or failure.

Are you taking 100% responsibility for your Success or Failure?

I love Success Magazine –

Be Grateful Be Joyous Be Abundant