Are You Making Phone Calls Real Estate Newbies?


As a Realtor, I have to have consistent business. Even if you’re a Investor you still have to have a consistent flow of prospects that you can talk to in order to build your business. In the industry it is said that if you don’t have listing you don’ have a business from a Realtor or real estate agent perspective. If you’re an Investor, you need to have a list of buyers for the deals you get under contract. Either way¬† -Realtor/agent or Investor- you need a list to sell to so you have consistent business. We did this today in our workshop aimed at getting listing appointments. We made calls for 30 minutes. I had done it a little on my own but not a focused, concentrated effort like today. Honestly, I was a little nervous but as our trainer told us -We didn’t die — from making calls and it wasn’t that bad. Action Is Required.

You just have to do it.