December is here and now is the time to get ready for 2013!

Wow, it’s been a helluva year. We’ve had some good things as well as bad. If you’re pleased President Obama was re-elected, that was a good.If your vote was for Mitt Romney, you might consider that a bad thing along with all of the other things that have undoubtedly taken place in your personal life — emotional ups and downs, etc.

Whatever happened you still have control over your life no matter who the President is if you choose to look at it like that.

Hurricane Sandy devastated areas across the country. Some places were just about blown off the map and others were not touched at all. This is how life is.

So now we speak about your real estate investing business. Where are you? Me? I am investing in myself. I have had a few deals that I lost. One I lost specifically because of Hurricane Sandy. The investors I found pulled out. So now that the hurricane has passed, I am still looking for buyers to close this particular deal. I am not giving up. I hope you don’t either. Like I said above, I am investing in myself with who I believe will be  a great coach for me to help me find my ideal clients and get my marketing plan together so I can work smarter and not harder. This will make it easier for me to reach my goals. I don’t know about you but I need guidance doing something I have never done before which is the desire to build my own successful business. I don’t know about you but I need help with that since I have been an employee all of my life. I don’t know how to be a business owner and all of the responsibilities that entails so I went to someone who can guide me. This is always money well spent.

Remember, the best investment you can make is in Yourself. December is the time to make that decision so you can hit the ground running in January 2013 and speed up your success.


Here are a few to check out:

I have gotten a little something from all of these wonderful coaches, mentors, entrepreneurs who want to help you get where you want to go.

Make the decision.The choice is Yours!

2013 is Our Year. Let’s make it Happen.

Do not Fear – Just Believe!





Real Estate Newbies What is FEAR?

Why is it stopping you and what can you do about it? Let’s talk about. Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame says that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real so we should Fail Early and Responsibly so that we can make our mistakes early in our career and keep it moving. But Fear has held so many of us back from taking that first step and/or seeking the help of experts who can help you do that. I must admit that it took me a while and a lot of reading and growing individually to change my thinking to understand the value and benefit of paying for expertise in helping you get where you want to go. So many of our friends or family members will say things like, “you gonna spend $500 on something stupid like that?” “Are you crazy?” What’s wrong with you?” And questions like that will especially from people who are in your circle of influence and you value what they say and how they feel about you will make you doubt yourself and change your mind.

The Year is at an end and what have you Accomplished?

Wow! It looks like another year will be gone in a few days. The question is What Have You Accomplished? I know most of us want to kick ourselves because we didn’t get the big check yet or we don’t have that first sale yet or we didn’t do something else that would otherwise look like success. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is OK. Why? Because you’re still here wanting to accomplish those things and you have not given up. Staying in the Process and not giving up is one of the hardest things to do especially if you are like myself — on this journey mostly alone. Yes, your family and friends wish you well but they are probably secretly wishing you would just let this “thing” go and stop wasting your time or if you’re not working a job they wish you would go and get a “real job” and stop wasting your time because you’re never going to {fill in the blank}. Well, that’s their problem. If they don’t believe in you it’s because they don’t believe in themselves and you cannot let other people’s lack of success become your own. So love them and let them think and believe whatever they choose to because you and me are here for the long haul. We are NOT giving up until we get the big check or make the first sale or accomplish whatever it is we set out to do because we are not quitters – we are WINNERS! and winners NEVER quit. We may get pissed off and frustrated and throw stuff or even shed some tears but that’s ok – we will get there. One Day at a time.

It’s not easy learning how to build a business. That’s why you need a mentor.

I know I need a mentor because it is very difficult attempting to reach the level of success that I want to reach by myself. How am I going to get there if I don’t know what the hell I’m doing? I need the assistance of someone who has achieved and is achieving what I want. I found some fabulous people that I am going to work with in 2012. Here’s my list:

Kadena Tate of I’ve worked with her previously and I love her.

Viki Irvin of She is the brand for Superwoman LifeStyle and a genius.

Grant Leboff Author of Sales Therapy. This is the first book on sales that I ever read that helped me to believe that I could sell the way I felt more comfortable, so I want to work with Grant one-on-one. How?

I am working a job and for the first time in my life I am going into the new year with clarity and a sense of purpose that I will make the best invest there is to make – an INVESTMENT IN MYSELF – by paying each of these fabulous individuals for their expertise in helping me become who I want to be – a successful business owner with clarity, purpose, vision and passion. These individuals are all going to help me get there and I can’t wait to continue on my journey in 2012. I hope you join me and share your comments, feedback and stories – they are all welcome and I wish you and your family Abundance, Prosperity Happiness, Love, Good Health and A Lot of Laughter going into 2012.

Peace & Bliss From My Family To Yours,

Mentors mean a quicker path to Your Success

I am so realizing this now in a big way. I want to be a successful Real Estate Investor/Agent and I am gaining much more clarity that a mentor is needed. No matter what you want to do, in order to achieve your success faster you need a mentor to speed your success. Implementation is not always easy but a mentor will take out the hard stuff and make it easier to succeed.

As I told you in my last post, I’ve picked my top three mentors -Vicki Irvin, Kadena Tate, Grant Leboff – who are yours?

Be Grateful Be Joyous Be Abundant

Real Estate Newbies Who are your Top Three?

Who are your top three mentors? Have you honed in on them as I mentioned in my last post? By now you should have three people who can help you get where you want to go and these three people can help you in different areas of your growth.
My top three are Kadena Tate, CEO of, Vicki Irvin, CEO of Superwoman Lifestyle,, and Grant Leboff author of Sales Therapy and his newest book, Sticky Marketing, Grant is one of my top three because when I read his book, Sales Therapy, I realized finally that I could sell and it was possible. I want at least one session with Grant to help me hone in on my three dimensional unique client prospective. Vicki Irvin, because of her connections and make it happen power. Kadena because of her unique abiility to tap into the individual and bring their particular qualities to the forefront of their individual life and business.

Who are your top Three?
Be Grateful Be Joyous Be Abundant

Real Estate Newbies are You Implementing – Taking Action?

One thing I am having a clearer understanding of is
I-M-P-L-E-M-E-N-T-A-T-I-O-N. It does one no good to learn new strategies and techniques and not put them into action. My mother used to always say, “Experience Is the Best Teacher”. This is so true. All of the ‘gurus’ say it in a little different way – “Action brings Confidence”. They (Loral Langemeier, Vicki Irvin, Kadena Tate) all say that action trumps it all. The more action you take, the more confidence you will gain. I must say this is true. I am knocking on doors and making cold calls – Action- things I have never done before and my confidence IS building. The more action I put in motion, the more confident I feel.
So get out there and take some action. Jonathan Sprinkles says, “Take the First Step” and you’ll be on your way. Try It! You won’t be sorry.
Be Joyous Be Grateful Be Abundant

Real Estate Newbies– Live Events — are the Way to Go!

Yes Yes Yes, Live Events are the way to go. You’ve been reading books, attending seminars and webinars online, streamlining videos, and even teleseminars and then boom! here you are at a Live Event with one of the people you’ve been listening to and maybe even heard about on tv. Wow! How awesome is that? Well, I lived it over the weekend of July 15-17 in Washington, DC with Vicki Irvin my shero of The Real Estate Investment Queen and now Vicki Irvin’s Mastermind Coaching Program. I had a ball. It was so much positive energy in the room being in the company of a woman I admire so much and her friends – James Malinchak (Secret Millionaire), Kristi Frank (from 1st year Donald Trump’s Apprentice), Jonathan Sprinkles (The Connection Coach), Marshawn Evans (Branding Bootcamp), and of course, Vicki Irvin,

Being there in the same room with all of the people that you have so much in common with (mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, positive energy, etc.) is mindblowing and you absolutely cannot get that over the phone. Doing seminars, etc. is great but you must be at LIVE EVENTS  to really make it click. You can’t beat it. If you want to reach that level of success you must attend live events. There’s no other way to go! Oh and for a special treat we were mesmerized with the phenenomal voice of Ms. Chante Moore. Wohoo! Now that’s a weekend.